Research Projects

Williams, Lawrence J.

Project Description

profile rThe mission of our laboratory is to advance new methods and strategies of chemical synthesis and bring them to bear on issues of human health. Our research aims to understand the relation between molecular structure and reactivity and how these relate to the functional properties of compounds and materials. Specific projects range from the application of computational methods for understanding structure and reactivity to new reaction development, motif building, the synthesis of natural products and natural product congeners, and collaborative studies in the areas of chemical biology, antimicrobial agents, cancer biology, and materials science.

Student Qualifications

GPA: 3.5 or equivalent

Course Experience: Chem 316 or equivalent

Current Undergraduate Researchers

We usually have 1-3 undergraduates in the group, including summer RISE and SEED students.


Undergraduate Vice Chair
Ralf Warmuth

Undergraduate Coordinator
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