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In the Fall semester of 2018, the Department of Chemistry and Chemical Biology introduced a brand new introductory chemistry course entitled Chemistry 126 - Chemistry of Art.  Take a look at some of the actual classroom photographs of the class during the semester:


Bob Porcja demonstrating colored flames.


Dr. Govindarajoo explaining various aspects of the periodic table.


Dr Govindarajoo explaining the properties of certain types of pigments.


Dr Govindarajoo pointing out the richness of the blues in a sample portrait.


Bob Porcja demonstrating a colorful precipitation reaction.

The photographer had the following comments after class:

Thank you for an absolutely exciting and wonderful class today!!

We had no idea what to expect but Chemistry 126 is exceeding our expectations.

We look forward to Monday’s class on Pigments and are sorry we have to miss Wednesday’s

class on Paint Media but will see you after that for most of the semester.

How appropriate of Dr. Rajoo to wear a hydrated yellow ochre blouse to class today!

Thank you for allowing us to be part of the class.




Dr Govindarajoo




Dr. Govindarajoo holding an example of spreading colors from a water soluble ink.

Thank you for this fascinating and well taught/demonstrated class!!

I plan to spread the word to the other Zimmerli Art Museum Board members. Several people have expressed interest in 

the class. I will let them know to be in touch with you to introduce themselves and to let you know when/if they

would like to attend.




Bob Porcja presenting a clear colorless supersaturated solution of sodium acetate.


Bob Porcja about to pour the solution and explaining the heat producing nature of what is to take place.


A tower of solid sodium acetate being produced in the glass container as the liquid is being poured.


An illustration of dilution - relating to pigments used to achieve different effects in paintings.


Bob Porcja holding a suspension of clay in water and pointing out the relative opacity - as seen in paint textures..


 Dr Govindarajoo and Bob Porcja discussing electroplating as related to jewelry making.


Using ultraviolet light in the detection of an art forgery.


Chemistry of Art flyer fa19 2 640