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G. Charles Dismukes

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IMG 9956 small"We earthlings are on a collision course with geological destiny that is forecasted in the laws of thermodynamics. Our addiction to fossil energy and historical unwillingness as individuals to adopt energy efficiency and sustainable practices is accelerating the day when this limited resource will be unavailable as a fuel. We have seen many warnings over the last two decades. There will be no protection from the social anarchy that lies in the future if we do not stop this addiction; not for the politicians, not for the oil executives, not for the uninformed/disengaged citizen, not (even) for the minority of true believers. Earth is on course for its inevitable geological destiny much faster than expected. The big surprise is that humans, the chosen ones, are the ones accelerating it."
-Charles Dismukes

G. Charles Dismukes is a member of the Rutgers faculties of the Department of Chemistry & Chemical Biology, the Waksman Institute and the Biochemistry and Microbiology Department. His research interests focus on biological and chemical methods for renewable solar-based fuel production, photosynthesis, metals in biological systems and tools for investigating these systems. His published works describe the biology and chemistry of oxygen production in natural photosynthetic systems, the synthesis and characterization of bioinspired catalysts for renewable energy production, the use of microorganisms as cell factories for the production of bio-fuels from renewable sources. Graphical details can be found in the research section of this website. He is Principal Investigator of the BioSolarH2 team, a multi-institutional research center focusing on microbial hydrogen.

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