• Robert Boikess
  • Professor
  • Research Synopsis: General Chemistry texts, multi-lecturer course development and coordination
  • Phone: (848) 445-4415




Research Summary

My main area of interest is in chemical education, with a focus on textbooks. I have written several textbooks for General Chemistry and Allied Health Chemistry and am currently preparing an Organic Chemistry text. The thrust of my efforts in this area is the development of techniques for presenting the concepts, theory, and applications of chemistry to beginning students, and for motivating them towards the study of chemistry. An important part of this approach is the amalgamation of current research developments with the presentation of basic concepts. Emphasis is also placed on the development of innovative ideas and teaching methods and their introduction into the chemistry curriculum.


  • Robert S. Boikess, Edward Edelson and Kenneth Breslauer. Elements of Chemistry: General, Organic, and Biological and Associated Supplements, including Instructors Manual, Solutions Manual, Study Guide, and Laboratory Manual (Prentice Hall, Englewood Cliffs, New Jersey, 1986).
  • Robert S. Boikess and C. H. Sorum. How to Solve General Chemistry Problems, 7th Ed.(Prentice Hall, Englewood Cliffs, New Jersey, 1986).
  • Robert S. Boikess and Edward Edelson. Chemical Principles, 3rd Ed. and Associated Supplements including Study Guide and Glossary, Solutions Manual, Answer Book, Instructors Manual and Laboratory Manual (Harper and Row, New York, 1985).

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