Faculty academic advisors are available to all M.S. students in the Department of Chemistry & Chemical Biology. These advisors will assist them with planning their courses, degree completion progress, and career development. The faculty advisor should be a member of the graduate faculty in the Department of Chemistry & Chemical Biology and have some expertise in the student’s main area of interest. The advisor pick is initiated by the student’s request, materialized by mutual agreement between the student and faculty, and finalized upon the approval of the Graduate Program Director.

Students will request an advisor based on their academic interests. For thesis MS, the advisor should be the faculty member advising the student for their thesis.

The responsibilities of the faculty advisor include:

  • Discussing an initial plan and mutual expectations for the master program with the student, before the Graduate Program Director signs the approval form
  • Meeting with the student individually at least once per semester to track progress and advise the student’s plan for the coming semester(s)
  • For thesis M.S., allowing the student the opportunity to perform research in their group and serving as the chairperson of the student’s thesis defense

Additionally, M.S. students are encouraged to:

  • Take graduate level course(s) taught by the faculty advisor
  • Request recommendation letter(s) to evaluate the student’s performance in the master program
  • Seek research opportunities in the advisor’s group (for course M.S.)
  • Request meetings with the faculty advisor and update study progress more frequently than the minimum requirement (once per semester)
  • Discuss with the advisor opportunities to transfer into a Ph.D. program, should the student wish to seek a Ph.D. in an area related to their M.S.

Please choose an advisor based on your primary area of interest: